Game News

Game's discord channel By Harley Quinn
Monday 15th July 15:59

Hello everyone, the awesome admin have made an awesome form of communication that we can use besides the game forum and game mail. If you don't have one already please make a discord account and join us here:

Thank you so much for playing our game.
💋 Harley.

The future of Gangster Legend By Harley Quinn
Monday 15th July 15:21

We are working hard to get all of the coding updated with various systems.
We will eventually have a chat system in place, but for now we do have a game mail and forum system for communication purposes.

Also there is a Game staff hierarchy for issues/ concerns and suggestions on the game.
Please contact game moderators first and foremost before you contact administrators.
The reason behind this is because we - The Admin panel are busy working really hard to construct the game to make it better. If and only if you do not get your matter resolved then you may contact Harley, Demonic or Kieran.

Thank you for your time and understanding.

Your resident Harley Quinn.
"Anyone seen my puddin?"

Playstore - App By TextBasedMafia
Saturday 6th July 11:34

We have been published to Google Play!

This may take a little while to be Google Play ready, So I have uploaded a local copy.

Text Based Mafia By Kieran
Monday 1st July 19:05

Text Based Mafia is a massive, online, multiplayer text based game. Nostalgia - do you remember playing these games? The game is about money, status and mainly respect! Steal money from kids, hustle somebody on the streets, kill your local trappers, kidnap a political figure and hijack a helicopter.

Start in London and travel to other capitals like Amsterdam, Moscow, Madrid or Berlin.

Gamble on the Blackjack, Win enough and own the casino!

We have game forums for you to air your views, This is a new game and we will continue to give updates and add new features based on feedback!

We've recently kicked off a public discord channel for the game: come join us @

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